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Jul 2020

Episode 938 - Nothing But Birdies

We've got Randolph's brother Marc sitting in today, as well as a cameo from Mike B. In this episode, we talk about Covid and masks, what to do with kids during Covid, Trump Jr., Jada Pinkett Smith, air fryers, and listener emails.

Jul 2020

Episode 936 - I Got A Splinter

We're joined today by two great comedians, Mike B and Pete Bergen. In this episode we talk about Pete's path to DC, the Presidential physical fitness award, taking down blackface episodes, diversity in improv comedy, Bomani Jones vs. Will Cain, Biden's VP, and listener emails.

We made Monday and Thursday one long stream on YouTube, so here's the video link to both of this week's episodes:

Jun 2020

BONUS: Episode 935 - Cover Your Nose

BONUS CONTENT: We're putting up this week's Monday episode FREE for the freeloaders. This week's Monday episode is full of great guests. We start with Liz Miele and Carmen Lynch sitting in. We talk about mask etiquette, resuming comedy after Covid, and relationships during quarantine. Then, Mike B and Pete Bergen jump in and we talk about Home Depot vs. Lowes, and fighting techniques.

Check out Liz's new special "Self Help Me" on YouTube:

Preorder Carmen's album "Vertically Obese" here:

Jun 2020

BONUS: The Mind Of Dom Episode 1 - That T-Pipe

And now for something completely different. Here's the first episode of a new spinoff show, The Mind Of Dom, hosted by Dominic Rivera with co-host Andy Kline. You know how the first episode of a spinoff TV show has all the main show's characters visiting the new show? Well, that's what happened here with Randolph and Tim Miller dropping in to hang out. And since we didn't have time to record a Thursday episode this week, we thought we'd give you some 3GO vibes with this, and we'll be back to our normal 3GO schedule next week. Tell us what you think.

Here's the YouTube link:

Jun 2020

Episode 933 - Afraid Of Police

We're joined today by Tim Miller and Rod Morrow. In this episode we talk about Randolph making people mad on Facebook, Taylor Swift, some new Infrared Krypto beats, being changed by violence, critiques of the new Chappelle special, Mark Wahlberg, and sports coming back.

Jun 2020

BONUS: The Woke Files 54 - Brandon Collins & Gordon Baker-Bone

In this edition of The Woke FIles, Randolph chats with Brandon Collins and Gordon Baker-Bone about this Friday's upcoming Juneteenth edition of Drunk Black History. Get tickets here:
Jun 2020

Episode 931 - Words Are Not Enough

We've got Chris Lamberth sitting in today. This episode starts with a mini Woke Files with Randolph chatting with The Nation correspondent, Elie Mystal. After that, we talk about The Last Of Us, businesses reopening, classic video games, Dabo Swinney, companies tweeting about Black Lives Matter, listener emails, and some beats from Psychomuzik.

Jun 2020

Episode 929 - From Parts Unknown

Today we're joined by Rod Morrow, Romane Walters, and Mike B. In this episode we discuss SpaceX, Will Smith movies, protesting, activist athletes, impossible white men, Colin Kaepernick, wrestling, and Biden's VP choice.

May 2020

Episode 927 - Midnight Came

Today's guests are Franqi French, Charity Sade, and Elena Torres. In this episode we discuss listener comments, missing doing comedy, becoming musicians, reopening the country, a pastor who said he could cure Covid but then died from it, and going to gay bars.

May 2020

Episode 925 - You’re Just A Juggler

We're joined today by Chris Lamberth. In this episode we discuss a potential Tyson/Holyfield rematch, Lynn Shelton, Killer Mike and his friend Candace Owens, having problematic fans, some new Infrared Krypto beats, and businesses reopening.
Livestream video of today's show:
And here's the playlist of all the beats Infrared Krypto has sent us: